FAQ's -

Why join a sprout squad coaching group?

Want to know more before joining Dave's 'Sprout Squad'?

Here are some typical questions you may have along with answers.

If, you still have some queries, please do drop me a line at dave@stressedguru.com

Dave Algeo, The Stress(ed) Guru answers some FAQ's

Dave Algeo, The Stress(ed) Guru answers some FAQ's

Dave, who the heck are you?

You can find out more here but, in a nutshell, I am an ex-cop who has lived with anxiety for most of my life.  I haven't always managed that anxiety well, but have learned to do so.  In the process I have come to realise that taking care of my wellbeing and positively managing the demands and challenges of live and work is critical to staying positive, healthy and happy. I now share my research, experience and strategies in workshops, at conferences and on video (check out my my resource area for more).

I like to use a bit of humour and some vegetables as props to provide memorable metaphors for those strategies.  Above all, I care about how helping others to cope and thrive in today's world.

Sprout Squad v Sprouts Academy?

Sprout Squad v Sprouts Academy?

What's the difference between the Sprouts Squad and the Sprout Academy?

Simple - contact time.  In a nutshell, you can become a member of the Sprout Academy for a lower subscription and access all the courses and resources to help you improve your wellbeing and focus on achieving your goals.

As a Sprout Squad Member you get all of that (membership to the Academy) AND group coaching each month with Dave and your fellow Squad Members - no more than 5 other members in your Squad.

That coaching time along with the Academy member benefits (webinars and Q&A) really can power up your progress and results - after all, accountability and the support of a coach and peers can be invaluable.


How much will this journey cost?

How much will this journey cost?

How much will this cost?

Until January 31sth 2018, I am offering 12 month's Sprout Squad Coaching for a one off £xxx (inc VAT).  This will revert to the usual price of £xxx per month or £xxx for a 12 month package,    

How do I pay?

Click the button opposite to register and pay and you will be given the option of paying via Pay Pal or a debit/ credit card using Stripe. Contact me if you have any questions or issues re paying by the above methods.

How will I get access?

How will I get access?

Can I access the Member resources and Webinars from Home or Work?

You should be able to access everything from your personal devices using most internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox), including smart phones, tablets, lap-top and desk-tops.  Due to security on some work devices (depending on where you work) - you may not be able to access the resources or webinars.  The good news is that much of the material is related to changes you can make personally and you may prefer to access via personal devices in any case.

How will I get notified of access?

Once you confirm your order you will be redirected to a log in page where you will create a user name and password for your private member access.  I will also email you the details to ensure you don't lose them.  And I will email you details for accessing the Facebook Group Q&A's and Webinars.  I'll also keep in touch about any additional news or new courses and resources being added to the 'Sprout Academy' to ensure you don't miss anything.

12 Months of wellbeing focused coaching support

12 Months of wellbeing focused coaching support

What do I get?

I am a big believer in making ongoing small but significant changes in life to shift our wellbeing in a positive direction.  After all, that's how things can slip into the negative - bit by bit (or sprout by sprout as I like to say).  So the aim of this offering is to support you over the coming 12 months in re-focusing on your wellbeing whilst ensuring you still take care of the demands placed upon you in work and life.  So here's more on what you will get:

Monthly  'sustainable success' webinars

Monthly 'sustainable success' webinars

Monthly 'Sustainable Success' Webinar

Every month on a Sunday evening, I hold a webinar intended to inform, equip and motivate you to focus on an area of your wellbeing and encourage you to make some small but significant changes over the month following (why Sunday? well often that is when you are most focused on the demands of the week ahead and could most benefit from some inspiration, motivation and information to encourage a wellbeing focus).   And, don't worry if you can't make it to the 'live' webinar - It will be recorded and made available in your 'Sprout Academy' member area.

Weekly Radish Podcast Extras

Weekly Radish Podcast Extras

Weekly Radish podcast extra material and interviews

My Weekly Radish Podcast is a weekly audio show dedicated to informing listeners on wellbeing and health matters.  From time to time, the show features shorter clips from longer interviews with guests.  As a bonus for signing up to 'The Sprout Squad' or becoming a 'Weekly Radish' podcast supporter, I will provide exclusive access to these longer interviews along with bonus material from me.

Monthly Facebook Q&A for all  Level Radish  members

Monthly Facebook Q&A for all Level Radish members

Monthly Facebook Q&A

Once a month (on a Sunday evening 2 weeks after the webinar) I hold an informal Q&A session in 'The Allotment' - a members only private Facebook group. The aim is to allow members to ask questions of me, or just listen/ watch as I clarify points or answer those burning questions.  It's a chance to hear from other members. I will be following the monthly/ quarterly themes of the webinars but this is an opportunity to ask wider ranging questions.  

The  Relaxation Habit  course

The Relaxation Habit course

The Relaxation Habit Course

You will get access to this 7 day programme designed to get you started on a daily relaxation practice.  Re-charging your energy levels with quality daily practice can be a life changer.  So start here.  Start now.

The Time-out Toolkit

To compliment and support the 'relaxation habit' programme and to provide a long term resource for you to listen to anytime, you will get the entire 'time-out toolkit.' This is a 2hr collection of audio time-out relaxations to cater for short relaxation periods, longer periods and sleep improvement.  

SOS courses and resoruces

SOS courses and resoruces

SOS Courses and Resources

In the 'Sprout Academy' you will also find a range of resources and courses, e-books and videos, to help you in various areas of your wellbeing - whether it's improving sleep, managing stress in the moment, developing resilience, or positive emotional coping.  Courses include - 'Emergency Stress CPR', 'Cope the A**e out of Life - Positive Emotional Coping.' 'Kick Stress in the Sprouts,' and 'Operation Snooze - sleep improvement course'

Regularly Added Resources and Courses

And, as I develop new resources, courses, publish new interviews and videos, you will have priority access in your Cabbage Community member area.

Any questions still unanswered?

Phew!  Hopefully the above has clarified the why, what and how's.  But, if you still have questions, please do get in touch with me at dave@stressedguru.com or via my web page contact sheet