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Research Based, Engaging And Memorable Development

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 “An excellent morning, picked up tips, and signed up for the daily email. Has made a difference to my mindset”

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“It was an excellent session and I’ve already shared the resources in the team. Great workshop!”

Dave Algeo, Stress(ed) Guru has been delivering behaviour and attitude changing workshops to both public and private sector organisations for over 15 years. 

Dave's focus on sustainable success through a wellbeing focus is second to none.  His down to earth, practical and honest approach (borne of over 20 years of operational policing experience), shines through. 

Working with a range of clients on an ongoing basis, Dave helps them secure huge benefits in terms of staff development, engagement and performance improvement.

Delegates leave with motivation to change and practical strategies and tools to bring that change about.

Clients include:

workshop Topics:

Mastering Negative Stress

Kick Stress in the Sprouts

Coping with the demands and challenges of life (the cabbages - the fresh and the rotten) is a key skill in maintaining effectiveness and leading a more positive, goal focused life.

Stress gets in the way.  Of how we want to live, feel and experience our work, rest and play. Learn more here.

Developing Resilience, Enhancing Wellbeing

Sweating the Right Sprouts

These tailored workshops are intend to develop personal resilience amongst your people. Pulling together years of research in the field of resilience, these sessions provide a practical strategy to ensure learning is transferred to life and work. Learn more here.

Developing Resilient Teams & Leaders

The Four C's of resilient and high performing leaders and teams

Harnessing the talent and potential within our teams and leaders is critical to achieving great success and overcoming the challenges and adversity faced by many organisations today.  Learn more here.

Dealing with difficult situations and interactions

Influencing Positive Outcomes and De-escalating conflict

A popular workshop for family lawyers and mediators - check out a sample event flyer here

Effective communication and attention is critical to great team work, leader interactions and customer facing roles.  Certain roles attract more challenges and pressure leading to difficult and unsatisfactory outcomes.  

These tailored sessions are focused on raising awareness and providing practical tools and strategies to empower the individual to enhance interactions, defuse potentially volatile situations and influence situations in a positive manner.  Learn more here.

Emotional Coping

Supporting Students Coping with Emotional Strain

This session is intended to support those working with students who are struggling to cope with the stresses and strains school and personal life.

It is focused on developing an understanding of poor emotional coping and the impact upon the student; their sense of stress, wellbeing and performance.  Learn more here.

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Dave has limited availability for training and speaking, so get in touch now to reserve your date(s) and discuss your event/ workshop needs:

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Dave also appeared on The Davina Hour, Channel W, and shared some vegetable related wisdom with Davina McCall and guests:

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Delegate Comments...

“This was an excellent session: engaging, practical and enjoyable”

“wealth of tools!”     “excellent”

“still buzzing” .    “fantastic”

'This was the best CPD I have attended in a long time'

‘Helpful and funny, good to stand up and be involved.

‘Entertaining, valuable, took away lots of ideas on how to de-stress.’

Client Testimonials...

“...The aim was to develop an understanding of stress and help those leaders to develop resilience and raise performance and wellbeing, personally and in their teams and staff.

Dave delivered two great workshops that did just that and the feedback from the delegates, including Head and Deputy Head Teachers and Business Managers, was excellent.

Comments included:

“This was an excellent session. It helped me understand the issues of stress and how to better manage this personally and professionally”

“Thought the delivery of this session was excellent and it provided me with some much needed reflection time and space to decide how to use these strategies back in school”


“With the unprecedented change faced within the Prison Service, recognising the importance of effective leadership which balances the need to raise performance and ensure staff wellbeing is critical to success. With that in mind, we asked Dave Algeo, to deliver a session on ‘developing resilient leaders and teams.’

The session was excellent and very well received by all the leaders attending. They found the session practical, engaging and Dave’s use of creative images and analogies really helped to shape thinking and perception in this area.

Everyone is still talking about the session and applying the tools gained. I would have no hesitation in working with Dave again or recommending him to other organisations keen to raise performance without sacrificing wellbeing.”


“...The workshops have been delivered with staff from Bands 1 through to 9 (service deliverers to strategic level department/ area heads) and have been exceptionally well received.
Feedback comments from some of those attending the course include:

‘The workshop was a brilliant day and really helped me fully understand stress and not only how it affects me but also others. I must congratulate you on your excellent style of presentation- it was the best workshop I have attended and I recommend it to others.”— ALISON DUBBINS, HEAD OF L&D, SHEFFIELD CHILDREN’S NHS FOUNDATION TRUST

“David is enthusiastic and knowledgable about his subject and he manages to get his message across in a clear and accessible way. Evaluations on the courses he has done for us have been excellent”